The Estonian Start Up Visa

Estonia’s startup visa allows qualified founders to start a new business in Estonia and settle as well (with their family).

The special type of visa permit, named “Startup Visa” can help you if you’re a non-EU founder to grow your startup business in Estonia, which represents the world’s best place to start and run a business. All you need to do is to create a great product or idea, which will be really attractive and scalable. Estonian startup visa can be very appropriate to hire you as non-EU talent and can become your ticket to make your dream a reality.


To be qualified for the Startup Visa as a founder, you will need:


  • An amount of €150 for every month you want to spend in Estonia or €1800 per year. It is the minimum required by law. With the rental price of €500+ a month, plus other living expenses, you will need more money to live a comfortable life in Estonia.


  • Your business model is expected to lead a global growth potential, for example, to be Technology-based, innovative and scalable, not restaurants or one employee company. The Startup Visa is targeted from tech-driven startups that solve big problems and will serve millions of people around the world.


  • Your application will be reviewed by people who work with startups on a daily basis. People who work in Startup Committee are very precise and mark everything, so the approval will help you to meet the definition of a startup and can enable you the Startup Visa.