PPC TAGO Tadeusz Gołębiewski

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  • Website: www.tago.com.pl
  • Product offer for USA and Canada: Biscuits, shortcakes, wafers, wafer rolls, gingerbread, puff pastry products , biscuits with chocolate, sponge cakes.
  • Currently Exports to USA: YES
  • Currently Exports to Canada: YES
  • Participant’s name: Agata Bereda – General Export Manager
  • Email: agata.b@tago.com.pl
  • Phone: +48 503 011 235
  • Brands: PPC TAGO Tadeusz Gołębiewski


TAGO P.P.C. is a family business that has been operating since 1966. The founder and owner of the company is Mr. Tadeusz Gołębiewski. The Company’s registered office is located in Ciemne near Warsaw. TAGO is one of the biggest confectionery production plants in Poland that uses modern technologies. Its production is based on raw materials of the highest quality that come from carefully selected suppliers, and is carried out in the plants that meet the strictest quality requirements. Thanks to that the company may offer perfect products at good prices, in line with the present trends and meet the expectations of the clients. For 50 years of their operations, TAGO gained recognition domestically and worldwide. The company exports to more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Tago manufactures wide variety of confectionery products: chocolate covered biscuits, shortbreads, French puff pastries, gingerbreads, spiced cookies, sponge cakes, oat cookies, wafers, wafer rolls, sandwich cookies, Swiss rolls and products in chocolate .