PolBioEco Polska Sp. z o.o.

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  • Website: polbioeco.pl
  • Product offer for USA and Canada: BIO fruit and vegetable juices, BIO porridges and cereals for children, a wide range of BIO vinegars, sweeteners, collagens bovine in powder, eco friendly cleaning products
  • Currently Exports to USA: YES
  • Currently Exports to Canada: NO
  • Participant’s name: Krzysztof Szlachcic
  • Email: k.szlachcic@polbioeco.pl
  • Phone: +48 882 008 688
  • Brands: PolBioEco Polska Sp. z o.o.


The PolBioEco Polska is a producer, distributor and representative of many ecological brands, that includes Vitariz, Soy Drink, Inka Bio or Bio Naturo, BioBas. By providing our products, we try to convince customers to a healthy and ecological lifestyle. We continuously expand our offer. As a response to the growing expectations of consumers looking for solutions for household keeping, we have decided to pioneer in ecological cleaning segment by introducing the Eco Naturo, the line of cleaning formulas to the market.