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  • Product offer for USA and Canada: “Wide variety of chocolate products including tablets, shapes made of chocolate, drinking chocolate etc. We also produce vegan, plastic free, plant-based and BIO chocolate as a great alternative to regular diary chocolate products.
  • Currently Exports to USA: YES
  • Currently Exports to Canada: YES
  • Participant’s name: Krzysztof Stypułkowski
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  • Phone: +48 516 858 848
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MANUFAKTURA CZEKOLADY is one of few companies in the world who actually make chocolate directly from cocoa beans. We have been expanding and successfully developing our expertise in chocolate and its processing methods since 2009. At our chocolate manufacture we ensure top quality at each stage of the production process. No preservatives, processing aids or soy lecithin are added to our products to make their taste unique. Our bars are made using carefully selected cocoa beans that originate in different parts of the world.
Manufacturing of real chocolate is a long and complex process in which many people are involved. It all starts with farmers. Without them there would be no “black gold”. If possible, we try to reach them directly in order to take part in the process of selecting beans at plantations thanks to building direct relationships with the farmers (Direct Trade). Next stages of the manufacturing process such as roasting, grinding and forming the chocolate bars take place at our workshop in Łomianki near Warsaw.